I’m Sick Of The Millennial Complaint

Captures how I feel all the time. The sad/scary part is, we tell ourselves we must go to college and once we’re there, we feel like we have to finish it out. We tell ourselves, “I’ll wait until I’m graduated, then I’ll pursue what I really want to do.” Does it ever really happen? Or do you just get sucked in to another promise?

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Nicki Varkevisser Nicki Varkevisser

Recently I had a mental breakdown over school. It’s frustrating. It’s uncomfortable. It’s expensive. I really enjoy the teachers and education that I’m receiving, but a majority of the time I just feel unaccomplished. You know what I did for three straight hours yesterday afternoon instead of studying for my Art History exam? I stalked Shailene Woodley. I then proceeded to browse online interviews on different accomplished millennials for a few hours. The result: continual self-hatred because I’m almost at the age where great actors and geniuses contributed unbelievable achievements to humanity, while I sit here on my MacBook, avoiding an art history exam. I constantly feel bad about myself. I feel bad that I’m not famous. I feel bad that I don’t go to a better college. I feel bad that I haven’t changed the world drastically in the past nineteen years of my existence.

But the…

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